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The copywriting process is a science that, with the right touch of practiced skill and a steady hand, can be mastered to a high level of proficiency so as to persuade even the most hesitant individuals to convert into buyers, subscribers, or whatever marketing goal the copywriter is attempting to achieve for his client.

Copywriting shares a similar methodology with many other freelance writing niches such as grant writing, blog writing, and technical writing in that the basic process for writing a persuasive article is the same several-step routine regardless of what the actual topic of the article or the intent behind said article is.

There are numerous traits that tend to be shared amongst successful freelance copywriters. Some of these traits are but not limited to passion for helping people, creative, analytical, self-motivated, and great time management. Successful freelance copywriters also tend to possess an extensive vocabulary and a knack for researching topics. Finally, having stout interpersonal communication skills and strong networking capabilities help freelance copywriters find clients to work with and expand their professional repertoire.


As with any skill, copywriting takes time, energy, and dedication to master. The path to becoming a proficient copywriter starts with a willingness to be open to new ideas and a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone. Successful copywriters tend to read a lot, which not only helps them to stay up-to-date on current events but also provides fodder for their creative cogs to turn.

To be successful, copywriters must also hone their research skills and know how and where to look for the sources they will need to write a persuasive article. There are numerous resources available to freelance copywriters to help with the research process, everything from books and the Internet to interviews and counseling. Whenever possible, writers should consider visiting the location where the article’s focal point is situated in order to gain a truer and more intimate understanding of their topic.

This article will provide five helpful hints that aspiring freelance copywriters can use to sharpen their skills and eventually enjoy a career replete with success and financial rewards.

Why You Should Read This Article

Freelance copywriting, once mastered, can be a lucrative and rewarding profession that allows the successful individual to enjoy a substantial amount of freedom. Copywriters who have developed their skills to a level of proficiency allowing them to command top rates for their services often generate a six-figure income annually.

This article will endeavor to provide all the information necessary for someone who has absolutely no experience with freelancing or marketing to establish their own freelance copywriting business from the ground up. This article should serve as a reasoned and thorough first step to contemplating a career change.

5 Key Traits of Successful Freelance Copywriters

Passion for Helping Others

Some of the top-earning freelance copywriters in the world currently working today all share one common bond: a passion for helping clients succeed. The drive to help clients reach their goals is the fuel that pushes freelance copywriters to master their craft, day in, day out. Genuine concern for others builds rapport and trust, two indispensable components to closing deals and growing revenue.

Detailed Analysis

Freelance copywriters should possess a keen eye for details. Each word and phrase should be carefully chosen to persuade the reader to take action. Attention to detail is multifaceted as it also means meticulously researching the client’s products and services, their target market, their competition, as well as any other data necessary to create a persuasive and compelling copy that captures the imaginations of potential customers.

Creative Problem Solver

Copywriters often find themselves in a position of having to find novel and unusual solutions to problems that their clients are facing in their daily business lives. In many circumstances, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving a client’s problem. Analytical skills come into play as variables such as marketing budget, product, and service niche, competitive landscape, and industry trends must all be carefully studied and weighed before a proper solution can be offered.

Self Motivation

Freelance copywriters tend to be driven individuals with a positive mindset. Top-producing copywriters know how to manage their time effectively, balancing numerous projects simultaneously without compromising quality or customer satisfaction. Organizational skills are vital to the success of freelance copywriters, who must be able to stay on top of upcoming deadlines, invoice clients in a timely manner, and write promotional copy that gets results.

Network Savvy

Networking is vital for freelance copywriters for several reasons. First, the client base that any one freelance individual can effectively support is finite due to time and resource restrictions. Regular networking with other professionals not only broadens a freelance copywriter’s circle of influence but also provides an avenue for partnering with other companies to extend service offerings and provide clients with a wider range of solutions. Of course, it never hurts to expand a company’s referral network.


Now that you have had an opportunity to read through these five important traits of successful freelance copywriters, you should have a much better understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry. With passion, dedication, and practice, you too can achieve great things as a freelance copywriter.

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